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Our Advantages

Because of an experience in an extremely wide variety of equipment, they are vastly experienced in troubleshooting and maintenance of all Catering related equipment.
All our service vans have a relatively large amount of used and new parts, through which we can very adequately tackle many problems immediately.
We have a 5 men strong technical service with all their own specialist fields, this ensures that the specialist requested by you will come to your place.


Reliable, flexible and fast switching partner in managing gushing EOL products. Head TS Mc Donalds A'dam
Our 2nd restaurant decorated with a full estate of The Catering Buyer. If only I knew this when I renovated my 1st restaurant the last time. In short very pleased!


Service- & storingsdienst

Any technical device can unfortunately exhibit failure or defects. It is nice to know that our technical service can be quickly at your place to fix the problem for you.

Are our mechanics also real mechanics..?? YES!! We dare to say that we are proud to employ no SWAP mechanics. What do we mean with SWAP mechanics? The contemporary generation of mechanics doesn't measure anymore, they swap parts with new parts in order to come to a solution using various new parts. This often leads to expensive invoices, since the parts tend to be more expensive than the hourly wages. BUT OUR MECHANICS MEASURE INSIDE THE DEVICE FIRST in order not to have the invoice run up. And if the circuit board still proves faulty, then we have an address to have these (often expensive) circuit boards repaired.

In addition to repairs we also carry out periodic maintenance to your equipment. This means that the continuity of your equipment is guaranteed and you can concentrate yourself on realizing your turnover.

Hope to see you soon!

PLEASE NOTE!! All of our equipment has a 2 weeks bring-in warranty, this maybe convertible to an onsite warranty. This costs 6 % more with a minimum of € 150.

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