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Within 10 years The Catering Buyer has become one of the largest buyers of catering in the Benelux with a showroom of 1500 m2 with everything you could want in the kitchen.

The Catering Buyer has known a strong and stable growth for the past 10 years. Through engagement with, and understanding of the needs of the customers and dedication to the cleaning and technical check of the incoming products, a successful product can be offered and a wide range, appropriate advice to customers and good service, correct and according to the agreement. This growth is carried by satisfied customers, suppliers and employees. A good relationship is important, both in the short and long run.

Thanks to a thoughtful and very flexible company structure we are able to deliver high quality used catering equipment at attractive rates.

Corporate Social Responsibility is at The Catering Buyer of paramount importance, we sponsor 5 charities each year. And we make a case of a green environment for us and for future generations. In addition to recycling 98 % of all materials, giving a 2nd life to equipment in itself delivers a large and significant share to environmental undertaking.

With its central location in the heart of the Netherlands, in the direct vicinity of highways the company is easily accessible from all over the country. Please find here our 1500 m² large "Cash & Carry ' showroom, where you will find a wide range of catering equipment fully cleaned and checked. Also thanks to this very favorable geographical location the customers can be served on their call.

In addition to selling, service is of paramount importance to us. Thanks to our very favorable geographical location the customers can be served on their call.

Over the years The Catering Buyer has accomplished many large buy-back projects and that is why we are a very experienced and designated party. These types of projects we usually run with a 12 men strong team, existing of, in addition to logistic forces, graduate electrical, gas and cooling mechanics. Making large projects both at home and abroad in good hands with us.

The Catering Equipment Buyer is next to buyer of catering related goods total supplier for used catering inventories. In addition to delivery service plays a very important role as well. All equipment in our showroom is completely checked over and cleaned, so we are proud to present ourself as a "Cash & Carry" showroom.

Activities of The Catering Buyer

  • Buying up goods from bankruptcies and voluntary cessation
  • Buyer of excess catering equipment
  • Clearing and broom clean delivery of catering premises
  • Maintenance and repair of catering equipment
  • Installing catering equipment
  • Selling of catering related articles

Catering Equipment Buyer

Did you know that we have our own technical service? The Catering Buyer has its own service body with miscellaneous service technicians, each with their own specific expertise.

Equipment Buyers

How do we know that the equipment to be purchased works well? We sell everything with a warranty, can't get any better can it?!


Broom clean is that possible? Also disassembly, peeling of pipes, purging of non-usable materials and delivering it literally broom clean poses no problem for us.